2022 festival title
2022 festival date 1liner

Selected Projects


Film Representative

David Henry Gerson 

Creative Team

Director / Co-Writer: David Henry Gerson

Co-Writer: Nick Blaemire

EMBRYO (Montenegro)

Film Representative

Maša Šarović


Creative Team

Director: Maša Šarović

Writer: Sara Đurović

Producer: Jelena Šoškić


Abandoned by her family, a pregnant young woman in search of her maternal instinct, has to deal with her abusive husband, surrounded by the mountains of Podgorica.

GLORY B (Greece)

Film Representative

Konstantinos Antonopoulos, Fani Skartouli


Creative Team

Director / Co-Writer: Konstantinos Antonopoulos

Co-Writer: Luigi Campi

Producer: Fani Skartouli


703AD. Two pilloried convicts shipwreck on a deserted Mediterranean island. ZAHARIAS is a peaceful beekeeper falsely convicted of heresy. JUSTINIAN II is a dethroned emperor, punished by nose mutilation. If they want to survive, and reclaim their lives, they need each other. But they can’t handle each other. Glory B is a byzantine buddy movie about power, revenge and the need to wipe your own ass with somebody else’s hand.

MY NAME IS LILY (Cyprus/Belgium)

Film Representative

Yianna Americanou


Creative Team

Director / Co-Writer: Yianna Americanou

Co-Writer: Christina Georgiou

Producer: Stelana Kliris

Born intersex and “fixed“ by her parents, Lily can‘t have children and decides to adopt. During the adoption process, she witnesses history repeat itself through Ori, an intersex eleven-year-old who’s about to undergo the same “corrective“ surgery without consent. Lily has no choice but to step in.


Film Representative

Manos Papadakis


Creative Team

Director / Writer: Manos Papadakis

When a married woman realizes that her personal life is disintegrating, she decides to take her husband and child around the house of her two secret lovers, in order for them to spend New Year’s Eve all together.

SHIBBOLETH (Greece/Cyrpus)

Film Representative

Alexandra Matheou


Creative Team

Director / Writer: Alexandra Matheou

Producer: Tonia Mishiali

A love triangle forms between a surrogate mother and the couple whose baby she is pregnant with as she joins them on a summer vacation. Nothing goes as planned when the truth is revealed about their real intentions.