Crew training

We Support Film Crew Training In Athens, Greece

In support of PACT Media Producers Association and in association with the Greek Film Centre, Athens Film Office, Louis Lumière École Nationale Supérieure and more — the Global Greek Film Initiative (GGFI) participates in the first Pact Workshop for Grips, to take place in Athens, January 16-27, 2023. The GGFI team recognizes the need for the development of professional film crews in Greece at this very moment when several international productions plan to film in Greece — and is taking action!
The first 80-hour PactWorkshop-Grips with the support of Greek Film Centre (GFC) and our own Global Greek Film Initiative (GGFI) and others, was successfully completed last month. The ten participants received completion certificates from Deputy Minister of Culture Nicholas Giatromanolakis in a ceremony on January 31st, 2023. 

PACT President Mikis Modiano and Vice President Andreas Tsilifonis, GFC President Markos Holevas, and the workshop’s Coordinator Poly Tranidou, among others, attended the ceremony and congratulated the participants for their contribution to the current development of the Greek film & media industry infrastructure. 

The GGFI team is looking forward to taking a pioneer role in supporting PACT’s future initiatives by bringing US instructors to Greece and more. For more information on the upcoming workshops, visit

Based in Greece and active internationally, Oxbelly and its sister company Faliro House Productions are ideally positioned to identify and help address the educational needs of the local industry and support it in its growth. Greece’s newly established 40% cash rebate, together with its celebrated natural beauty and historical heritage and the professionalism of its crews, have made Greece one of the most appealing destinations worldwide for film and episodic content production. This trend has created an ever-increasing demand for well-trained local professionals.To help meet that demand, Oxbelly established an educational partnership with the National Film and Television School, the leading institution of its kind in Europe. The Global Greek Film Initiative (GGFI) has recognized Oxbelly’s valuable programs and supported the last round of film & TV courses.