First Annual Greek Film Festival Summit (GFFS)

First Annual

ggfs summit

On February 4, 2023, we held the first ever annual Greek Film Festival Summit (GFFS) which gathered representatives from 17 Greek film festivals around the world, including LAGFF, and three guest speakers – Greek Film Centre’s Director of Promotion Athena Kalkopoulou, Writer/Producer/Greek Parliament TV Director of Programming Aris Fatouros and TK Theaters/Greek2Me President Theo Kalomirakis. The Summit inaugurated an effort of the Hellenic Diaspora to join forces for the common goal of supporting Greek filmmakers and building bridges with the Greek film industry and culture. Representatives voiced their need for better cooperation with official agents in Greece such as the Greek Film Centre as well as more financial support, especially concerning screening fees and hospitality costs. In addition, they offered ideas on a global network by sharing data, a common calendar, programs and, perhaps, by creating a common event in Greece. These organizations could also stand behind a collective effort to restore films and thus contribute to the wealth of Greek cinema.