Discovery Days

discovery days

Discovery Days, formerly the International Project Discovery Forum (IPDF), is a Los Angeles pioneer in the promotion of international independent film development. It is the industry section of the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. Utilizing the innumerable cinematic resources in Los Angeles, we aim to create a bridge between two very different worlds – those of American and European independent cinema.

Our forum includes a 4-day development lab in Los Angeles with 6-8 selected filmmakers, as well as a series of roundtables, workshops, and masterclasses. For the participating filmmakers, the development lab culminates in an audiovisual presentation by each project’s representative(s) before a jury of film industry professionals.

We look for films that have an original approach and are made by independent filmmakers with unique voices. Our workshop has supported many projects that have gone onto international acclaim. Past projects include INSIDE (dir. Vasilis Katsoupis, starring Willem Dafoe | Focus Features, Berlin Film Festival), SON OF SOFIA (dir. Elina Psykou | Best International Film Award – Tribeca Film Festival), SMUGGLING HENDRIX (dir. Marios Piperides | Best International Film Award – Tribeca Film Festival), BROADWAY (dir. Christos Massalas | Rotterdam International Film Fest), and NOAH LAND (dir. Cenk Erturk | Best Screenplay, Best Actor | Tribeca Film Festival).

The stage of development of the selected projects varies from inspiring and promising treatments or scripts in the early stages – which we nurture through their journey – to more advanced projects with complete scripts. We connect the selected participants with producers, distributors, sales agents, or programmers that can actively offer support. We wish to create a network of creative professionals from Europe and the US that share the desire to preserve film as an artistic expression, always searching for new and inspiring ways of telling stories through sight and sound.