Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States with an estimated population of over 10 million. The city is defined by Hollywood, the biggest film industry in the Western world.

Several countries hold their own film festivals in Los Angeles – including India, Israel, Armenia, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and more – attracting an array of diverse audiences from their own communities, the film industry, students and filmgoers.

LAGFF reaches out to the large film student population of the city, industry professionals in search for undiscovered talent, the Greek and other ethnic communities, philhellenes who will not miss the opportunity to see films from or about their favorite place in the world, and, last but not least, the active and curious Los Angeles moviegoers.

Such an environment of local flavor and international appeal benefits our sponsors. By sponsoring LAGFF’s opening and closing nights, various film programs and other cultural events, sponsors participate in LAGFF’s mission to nurture and expand awareness of Greek cinema and culture. Moreover, they enjoy non-profit tax benefits as well as exposure through our advertising campaign (TV, radio, print, internet), our website and social media, catalogue, and on-site events.

Past and current LAGFF sponsors include the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), Greek Ministry of Culture, Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Earth Friendly Products, G.P. Kolovos and Associates, Greek Film Centre, Metaxa, Chivas, West Coast Investors, and more.

The LAGFF team is committed to making every effort possible in order to cultivate cross-cultural communication. Greek filmmakers and American audiences have a chance to inspire and be inspired by one another, the richness of cultural diversity and the discovery of film gems that would not otherwise be seen.

In a difficult economic climate and with resources continually diminishing, LAGFF relies on sponsor support more than ever so that it may stay true to its mission and continue to expand the horizon of cultural creativity.

For additional details about sponsorship, please contact:
Katerina Frederikson, Development Director
Ersi Danou, Development supervisor