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Virtual Screenings

The LAGFF Programming have grouped 64 new films in 8 special online collections. Upon getting your online all virtual passes they will all become available to you, individually or by collection. If you have the festival Gold Pass you can also enjoy all of them, or as many as you wish, on demand. Streaming is available from May 10 through May 22. Happy viewing!

Smyrna 2
saison morte 01
Never have reality and fiction been blurred to such a degree, as today.
1821 Revolution, 1922 Catastophe, Pontian Genocide, Armenian Genocide, Polytechneio 1973; is the history of human beings a history of conflicts, that only an Epirotan clarinette can express? 11 tactile feelings.
pomegranates nagorno karabakh 1
Paint, water, sand, characters, clothes, feelings, memory, and ships; they are all fluid, they all flow, up or down, sometimes up and down; some in color, some in black and white, all 9 in sync.
Photo 2 Literal Legend Frame 02
How much do we lose when we go from analog to digital? How many pixels, notes, shades of images, expressions of the heart? 7 attempts to find out.
STILL Umbilical Ομφάλιος 5
Can we predict emotions and feelings at the same time? Is quantum mechanics able to help us with the future knowing the present? Are we certain about the optimal political state? Does family trump gay? 10 questions that have uncertain answers.