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The LAGFF Programmers have grouped 64 new films in 7 thematic categories, named “collections”. Upon getting your all-access pass they will immediately become available to you, individually or by category, however, you’d like to watch them. They are streaming from May 10 through May 30. Happy viewing!

Goads Still 02
Never have reality and fiction been blurred to such a degree, as today.
The Unlost Homeland3
Constantinople 1955, Pontian Genocide, Rebetica, Prespes, Kehajias, Askavlos, Markos, Weavers – Magical lands, Magical times, 17 tactile feelings.
Air, water, sand, characters, animals, elevators, & ships; they are all fluid, they all flow, up or down, sometimes up and down; some in color, some in black and white, all in sync.
Goads Still 10
Low budget, limited resources, tons of challenges, no problem; here are six young filmmakers with hundreds of international awards under their belt from the most prominent film festivals – creativity is not in short supply.