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Tailor – Q&A

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A discussion with the director Sonia Liza Kenderman about her first feature film Tailor and her future plans.


Moderator: Aris Katopodis

Saturday May 22, 10 am PST 
20:00 Greece
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Sonia Liza Kenterman

Sonia Liza Kenterman

Sonia is a Greek–German film director and writer. She was awarded a MA in Directing with distinction at the London Film School. She has received a BA in Sociology at Panteion University and studied at the Art’s Theatre School for Drama at Stavrakos Film School in Greece. Her short film Nicoleta won 15 awards in 41 festivals. She was then selected by the Greek Film Centre to write and direct a short film, White Sheet. Tailor is her first feature film. Athens Dresden will be her second feature film which was selected at the MFI.