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Discovery Days Awards 2023

The Jury: Producer & Sundance’s Catalyst Program Director Giulia Caruso, Programmer-Producer Drea Clark (A VIEW OF THE WORLD FROM FIFTH AVENUE), Director Yannis Sakaridis (AMERIKA SQUARE) and Filmmaker-Editor Nicole Otero (SLIP) made the following statement:

We want to first congratulate all the filmmakers who presented. Thank you for sharing your personal, moving, urgent, and thoughtful stories with us. All of these are films we want to see. We urge you to keep going.

First we want to give honorable mention to a project that shows a lot of promise in its premise, perspective, and ambition. We hope this acknowledgment will encourage you to take your ideas to script, to craft an exceptional cast of characters to support all the nuance in the world you want to create.
Our honorable mention is Story from A Southern Coast by Alki Politi.

Honorable mention

Story from A Southern Coast

Director : Alki Politi

The jury was impressed by this film’s ability to weave cultural specificity into a contemporary world, to bridge ancient stories with fresh resonance. It reminded us all of the devastating yet critical moment when we finally see our parents as imperfect beings. And yet all of these themes are inside of an adventure we all want to go on with our families. With a very clever title to boot. We are happy to grant the Discovery Days award to A Girl Named Zeus by Nikos Dayandas.


A Girl Named Zeus

Director: Nikos Dayandas