Selected Projects 2017 IPDF



Writer/Director: Thelyia Petraki
Country: Greece, France, Brazil
Production Company: Topspot Productions

Christos (65) – a tough, headstrong rationalist – is diagnosed with ALS and is informed he has only two years left to live. Desperate for time, Christos decides to travel to Brazil and meet the renowned healer João de Deus. Paralyzed from the waist down and with no one willing to escort him in this eccentric quest, Christos employs his son’s friend, Alexis (35) a painter leading an aimless life. The two men – with their opposing personalities and tense relationship – will travel to Brazil, and there Christos will struggle to find the miracle he so desperately needs.

* BRAZIL will be Theylia Petraki‘s feature debut.
* Her short film HELGA IS IN LUND is screened at LAGFF 2017.



Director: Christos Nestos
Producer: Christos Nestos, Erenik Beqiri
Country: Albania, Kosovo, FYROM
Production Company: Anima Pictures Tirana

Dajna (19) reveals to her parents she slept with a stranger she will never see again. Under pressure of the customary north Albanian society she grew up into, she is sent away. Escorted by her cousin Bledi (35), they engage on a winter journey, over the Albanian alps, that will shape both their views of society.

* His previous short film NEBENZIMMER / NEXT ROOM film trailer.
* His short film DER KRIMINELLE / THE CRIMINAL film trailer.
* DANJA will be Christos Nestos’ feature debut.



Writer/Director: Hasan Serin
Country: Turkey
Production Company: N/A

Hasan, having heroic daydreams during classes, starts to convince himself he is the rebirth of Atatürk though his fugitive father tells him he can only be “Atakürt”, as they are not Turkish, but Kurdish. In Bingöl, Hasan experiences his grandfather’s healing power and is convinced he is a Kurdish shepherd. But later, he is denied by family once more, and a similar response is given when he attempts to heal a sick woman himself.

* I WILL NO LONGER BE SOMEONE ELSE will be Hasan Serin‘s feature debut.



Writer/Director: Cenk Erturk
Country: Turkey, France, Germany
Production Company: Us Film, Pyramide Productions, Una Film

Omer goes to his dying father’s childhood village to fulfill his last wish: bury him under the Noah Tree his father claims to have planted long ago. But the villagers believe the tree to be the first tree Noah planted after the Great Flood, and they will do anything to stop Omer from ‘debasing’ their ‘sacred’ tree.

* NOAH TREE will be Cenk Erturk’s debut feature film.
* It won ‘The Most Promising Project’ Award at Crossroads Co-Production Forum of Thessaloniki International Film Festival



Writer/Director: Loukianos Moshonas
Country: Greece

In a former upper-class neighborhood of Athens, now a popular residential area for immigrants, Lucio, a young filmmaker coming from the old bourgeoisie, hires his Albanian neighbor, Andi, to renovate his apartment. When a mistake with the new wooden floors causes more work to be done, Lucio and Andi start losing sight of their priorities. The works become an endless, possessive endeavor in which the two men start sharing an odd complicity. Lucio, who has discovered the potential of the cellar but has overdrawn his budget, promises to give Andi the apartment on the long term, granted they can extend the works. From then on, Lucio and Andi indulge in their own obsessions: Lucio looks for some sort of emancipation in the cellar, whilst Andi realizes he is worthy of the apartment and does everything to live up to it. But their obsessions will soon violently clash.

* NO GOD, NO MASTER will be Loukianos Moshonas’ feature debut.
* Loukianos Moschonas previous film that is a prelude to NO GOD NO MASTER, MANODOPERA’s, trailer.