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Greece, 2019, 88 min, North American Premiere

It appears as if it is an ordinary outing to a remote beach: four young women enjoy the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sea. None of them is ‘Winona’. The day gives way to silly games, girl talk, song, and dance. Laughter is punctuated by tears. The tears washed away by make-believe. Until the day comes to a close and our four heroines must say goodbye. Unassumingly mysterious and deeply moving, WINONA reveals itself with a language of intimacy, woven out of love and grief, and holds on to its heart-wrenching secret till the very end.

  • 2020, Edinburgh International Film Festival (cancelled due to covid),
  • 2020, Festival del Cinema Europeo
  • 2020, São Paulo International Film Festival
  • 2019, Warsaw International Film Festival
  • 2019, Thessaloniki International Film Festival
  • 2019, Goes To Cannes, Marche Du Film, Cannes Film Festival