Wine Dark Sea

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Wine Dark Sea

This film narrates the profound changes brought about by global warming in the Mediterranean, the sea described as “Wine Dark Sea” by Homer, and its surroundings. Individuals from all walks of society and numerous organizations are working to minimize the adverse effects of global warming in the region. However, will all these efforts prove sufficient? “Wine Dark Sea” leaves the audience pondering this question: Will we live in the shadow of the once-beautiful dream of the Mediterranean, unable to find solutions to environmental issues? Or will we create a new story together?

Nefin Dinç studied economics at Ankara University. She taught documentary filmmaking at State University of New York at Fredonia between the years 2005-2013. Dinç was also the Project Director of Youth Filmmaking Project, teaching young Turkish students how to make short films on democracy and human rights, supported by the US State Department. Dinç is now teaching at James Madison University, School of Media Arts and Design.
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  • 2024 – International Istanbul Film Festival




Nefin Dinc


Inci Özsoy Tastan


Nefin Dinc, Hercules Millas, Ioannis N. Grigoriadis


Eytan İpeker


43 mins




International Premiere