Seven Minutes of Soul

Seven minutes of soul is a sports documentary that follows Panos Vlahos’s journey to investigate the conditions under which the first modern olympic games in Athens (1896) took place and debunk the myth of the very first marathon winner in history. In the first olympic marathon race in history, in the 1896 Athens Olympics, a young water carrier by the name Spyros Louis was the first runner to cross the finish line after having run another marathon 5 days prior to the race. Actor Panos Vlahos sets out to reenact his achievement in order to shed light to this unprecedented achievement. After a series of medical and physical tests, interviews and unseen footage, Panos discovers extraordinary findings, historic documents and testimonies that shed new light on the sport and reveals what actually happened.

  • 2020, Athens International film festival
Panos Vlahos
Panos Vlahos
Alexis Kaplanis, Panos Manolitsis, Panos Vlahos

Dimitris Theodorakakos, Panos Vlahos

75 minutes
United States

About the director

Panos Vlachos is an actor and a songwriter. He has collaborated with D. Mavrikios, N. Karathanos, G. Kakleas. He has toured in three continents as ‘Mistero Buffo’. He starred in Greek and American television and he is a passionate runner. ‘Seven Minutes of Soul’ is his first film.