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Greece, 2019, 16 min, West Coast Premiere

Mila likes to skate. Mila’s father is ill. Mila hasn’t seen her father in five years. “Mila” means “beloved” in Polish. Mila visits her father at the hospital. “Mila” means “speak” in Greek. Mila likes to skate.

Andreas Vakalios was born in Budapest where he spent half of his life’s summers. He studied Digital Arts (MFA) at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He is a Talents Sarajevo Alumnus and a Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship Award recipient. He made his first film when he was twelve. He plans to make his last film when he is ninety-two. He lives and works as a director and a screenwriter in Athens, Greece.

  • 2020, TISFF Thess Int’l Shorts Film Festival
  • 2020, Filmzeitkaufbeuren Film Festival
  • 2020, Paphos Int’l Film Festival
  • 2019, Drama ISFF – Best Film (The Greek Film Critics Association),
  • The Federation Of Greek Film Clubs – Best Young Cinematographer, The Greek Society Of Cinematographers
  • 2019, Micro Μ Festival – Best Actress, Best Actor
  • 2019, Athens International Film Festival