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KEFI, the Story of FDF, the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance Festival

USA, 2019, 42 min, World Premiere – DOCUMENTARY

Passions run high in interviews about an annual competition that brings thousands of Greek kids together on the West Coast for a weekend of folk dancing. Dance footage, music by renowned musicians, and vintage photos and clips are all part of the story about leadership, faith, and keeping traditions alive.

Patti is an award-winning copywriter and creative director who writes scripts and storyboards for corporate marketing videos develops content for digital marketing platforms, directs photo/video shoots, and edits fiction and non-fiction books. She has completed two feature-length screenplays.“Kefi” is her first documentary where she interviewed more than 40 individuals to capture the amazing story of the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance Festival,

  • 2020, Golden State Film Festival – Best Score Short Documentary
  • 2020, London Greek Film Festival Semi-Finalist
  • 2020, Private, invitation-only screening at San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts