Homeland Sickness

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Homeland Sickness

One usually exchanges goods, not people. The “population exchange” between Greece and Turkey 100 years ago affected more than two million people. Today, only few know about this time. In the massacres and expulsions lie buried not only endless tragedies, but also an important part of the history of the 20th century.

The idea of a resettlement organized according to ethnic and religious principles created unimaginable misfortune and misery on both sides of the resettlement and a “homesickness” that has not been cured to this day.

Gülsel Özkan is an international multiple award-winning filmmaker and producer. She’s made over forty documentaries, feature films, screenplays and video artwork worldwide. She also developed dramaturgic and storytelling-models for new media under the research title: New narratives for the 21st century.
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  • 2024, Melbourne Independent Film Festival – 1. Award Winner
  • 2024, Berlin International Art Film Festival – 1. Award Winner
  • 2023, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival – 1. Award Winner
  • 2023, Phuket International Film Festival – 1. Award Winner
  • 2023, International Documentary Historical Film Festival, Burgas, Bulgaria
  • 2023, Toronto Documentary Feature & Short Film Festival – Best audience award
  • 2023, Montreal Women Film Festival – 1. Award Winner
  • 2023, London FFI Best Director- 1. Award Winner
  • 2023, Rotterdam Independent Film Festival – 1. Award Winner




Gülsel Özkan


Gülsel Özkan


Ludger Pfanz, Gülsel Özkan


Despina Tsouflidou, Fi̇rdevs Tuncay, Jorgos Kotzaeridis,Hüseyi̇n Öztürk, Prof. Theodosios Kyriakis, Maria Kazantzidou, Prof. Maurus Reinkowski, Dr. Erkan Serçe, Dr. Matthaios Tsahouridis, Ananias Tsiramidis


Eleanora Pfanz


Dominic Thiel


Fuat Saka And Matthaios Tsahouridis


84 mins




US Premiere