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6th International Project Discovery Forum @ Egyptian Theatre

June 7-10, 2018



Writer/Director: Octav Chelaru
Producer: Radu Stancu
Country: Romania
Production Company: deFilm
Synopsis: Mrs. Ivanovici, 35 years old, lives in a small, traditional Romanian town. She has a monotonous marriage with an older priest and teaches religious studies at a local high school. One day, Mrs. Ivanovici challenges Iuliu, a 16-year-old audacious student, to the point of insulting him. When Iuliu confronts her, she is surprised, but apologizes then gives him a lift home. This is the beginning of a sexual relationship between Mrs. Ivanovici and Iuliu. After Mrs. Ivanovici raises barriers, Iuliu fights back using the weapon she knows best – religion. He starts confessing to her husband, the town priest.



Writer/Director: Christina Ioakeimidi
Producer: Louizos Aslanidis
Country: Greece
Production Company: Ekso Productions
Synopsis: Eleftheria (16), visits her sister Alexandra in Athens, who is expecting her first child. It is August, during a dreadful heat wave. During the sleepless hot nights, she spies on Angelos (26), whose house shares the same yard. She approaches him reluctantly, but he generously invites her in his semi-delinquent world. Just when she realizes that she is falling in love for the first time, he disappears without a word. During his absence she will learn of his homosexual preferences. She will fight her inhibitions associated with opening up to someone else and upon his return she will have the chance to taste how exhilarating it can be to finally do so.



Writer/Director: Meedo Taha
Producer: Samira Elghoul and Wesam Nassar
Country: Lebanon
Production Company: drawFILM
Synopsis: A family of refugees on a Beirut rooftop clean apartments by day and pickpocket weddings by night. But as the boyish middle daughter falls in love with the final bride of the summer, she must choose between freedom for her family and freedom for herself.



Writer/Director: Yiorgos Fourtounis
Country: Greece
Synopsis: Synopsis: 1969, Greece, third year of military dictatorship. The Doctor, a Don Quihotesque, leftist, political revolutionary begins a frantic 10 year-course to achieve the acknowledgement of the political leadership he believes he deserves. Overshadowed by the Doctor’s overwhelming personality, his wife Despina and their two sons follow him faithfully and will be called upon to handle the inevitable crash.



Writer/Director: Orfeas Peretzis
Producer: Konstantinos Vassilaros
Country: Greece
Production Company: StudioBauhaus
Synopsis: Alkistis is a 17-year-old teenager with her sexuality and appetite for experimentation at its peak. While waiting for her exam results, Alkistis enjoys her last carefree summer holiday waiting with her mother in a crumbing beach town on the Athens Rivera coastline. Over time, Alkistis takes destiny into her own hands in order to save those around her from disaster.



Writer/Director: Nasos Gatzoulis
Country: Greece
Synopsis: Cody and Marcus, two raccoon trash thieves, are coerced by Joan the wolverine into a dangerous mission: break into an abandoned (human) cabin in the woods and steal all the food from inside. Marcus hates humans and insists the job will end in disaster. But Cody believes that the future lies in humans and animals living together. Their five-member team is rounded out by Drake the duck and Susan the mole, who are in love. As the robbers move through the woods, they must overcome various obstacles, such as a chainsaw-wielding human and a mysterious creature that silently follows them.