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12th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

June 4-10, 2018


6:00 PM
USA, 2018, 17 min, World Premiere

Director/Writer: Savvas Christou
Producer: Melissa Gutierrez, Amari Agee
Cast: Jolene Andersen, Ethan McDowell

After she got the worst news that will change her life and her career, a famous singer, struggles to commit suicide in a remote bar, but soon enough she realizes that it is not up to her anymore

Greece, 2017, 11 min

Director/Writer/Producer: Yorgos Zois
Cast: Pavlos Iordanopoulos

On Lesvos island, an old abandoned dump site lies on a mountain with two big craters, overflowing with thousands of life jackets left from the waves of refugees. It’s only inhabitant: A single worker, wandering alone through a place that resembles an alien planet.
* 2018 Atlanta Film Festival
* 2018 Trieste Film Festival
* 2018 Rotterdam International Film Festival
* 2017 Venice International Film Festival
* 2017 UK Film Festival
* 2017 Cyprus International Short Film Festival
* 2017 International Bosphorus Film Festival

9 TO 5
Greece, 2017, 12 min, LA Premiere

Director: Filippos Tsapekis
Writer: Katerina Tsoumpa, Filippos Tsapekis
Producer: Stamatis Athanassoulas, Stavroula Dimitriadou
Cast: Kora Karvouni, Yiannis Papadopoulos

9 TO 5 is a dystopian dark comedy about a young man returning home from work. As he is pulled over by the authorities his life will change dramatically.
* 2017 Short Film Festival in Drama
* 2017 New York Film Award – Best Original Story, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Cinematography
* 2017 Top Shorts Film Festival – Best director, Best Original Story
* 2017 Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest – Best Editing

A BUDDY ALREADY DEAD (To ptoma itan nekro)
Greece, 2016, 15 min, US Premiere

Director/Producer: Konstantinos Fragkoulis
Writer: Takis Papanastasiou, Konstantinos Fragkoulis
Cast: Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos, George Tzavaras, Ioanna Apostolopoulou, Thanos Alexiou, Fotini Levogianni, Stavros Moiras and Stamatis Polenakis

Apart from one chicken in a freezer, a trumpet teacher also keeps the corpse of his mother. Is there life after death?
* 2017 Grand Off Festival, Warsaw Poland – Nomination for Best Actor
* 2017 Artfools short film festival, Larissa, Greece – Protagonist Special Mention
* 2017 21st Thai Short & Video film festival 2017 – Best International Short Film
* 2017 Athens International Film Festival, Greece
* 2017 Hellas Filmbox Berlin, Germany 2017
* 2017 Clermont Ferrand Digital Library 2017

ARIA (Aria)
Greece, 2017, 13 min, LA Premiere

Director/Writer: Myrsini Aristidou
Producer: Myrsini Aristidou, Robin Robles
Cast: Chrysa Platsatoura, Yiannis Stankoglou, Audrey Giacomini, Takis Spyridakis

When young Aria, a hardworking waitress in Athens, is refused a driving lesson from her father and given his illegal immigrant worker to look after, she makes an unlikely friend and learns more than how to drive a stick shift car.
* 2018 Athens International Film and Video Festival
* 2018 Sundance Film Festival
* 2017 Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy – Emerging Talents
* 2017 Venice International Film Festival – Venice International Film Festival Spotlight
* 2017 Sharm El Sheikh Film Festival – Best Film

Greece, 2017, 19 min, West Coast Premiere

Director/Writer: Faidon Gkretsikos
Producer: Faidon Gkretsikos / Giorgos Georgopoulos
Cast: Boyko Paskalev, Dimitris Xanthopoulos, Maria Baloutsou

During the summer World Cup 11-year old Boyko will do anything to obtain “Brazuca”, the Official World Cup ball, in order to prevent his friends from using him only as a goalkeeper.
* 2018 Boston International Film Festival
* 2018 Montclair Film Festival
* 2018 Hamburg International Short Film Festival
* 2017 National Short Film Festival in Drama – Special Jury Mention
* 2017 TiSFF – Thess International Short Film Festival – Cinematic Achievement Award

Greece, 2017, 14 min

Director/Writer/Producer: Christos Massalas
Cast: Elsa Lekakou, Jenny Hiloudaki, Pavlos Iordanopoulos, Talat Iqbal, Stathis Stamoulakatos

This is the story of Copa-Loca, an abandoned Greek summer resort. Paulina is the girl at the heart of Copa-Loca. Everyone cares for her and she cares about everyone—in every possible way.
* 2018 Hellenic Film Academy – Iris Award for Best Short Film
* 2017 AFI Fest
* 2017 Cannes Film Festival
* 2017 Reykjavik International Film Festival – Best International Short
* 2017 Athens International Film Festival – Best Film Greek short stories in competition
* 2017 Festival du Nouveau Cinema – Best International Short

Greece, 2017, 23 min, North American Premiere

Director: Giannis Haritidis
Writer: Thanos Tokakis
Producer: Fanis Karagiorgos, Giannis Haritidis, Thanos Tokakis
Cast: Manolis Mavromatakis, Irini Boudali, Maria Tsima, Christos Sapountzis

In a few days Minas is going to participate in a TV show called “Talent of the Year.” A film crew follows him in his everyday life interviewing him and those closest to him until the big day of the show. Minas must win to fulfill his dream. What is his talent? He is a cowboy in Athens.
* 2017 Drama International Film Festival
* 2017 Athens International Film Festival – Best Male Actor in Short Film

Canada, 2018, 20 min, LA Premiere

Director: David Antoniuk
Writer: Joanna Tsanis
Producer: Gregory C. Pappas, Joanna Tsanis, Chuck Scott
Cast: Olympia Dukakis

Eleftheromania follows an Auschwitz survivor as she recites a true story about a group from the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. The Nazis enlisted a section of Greek-Jewish prisoners to the horrific task of leading the Hungarian prisoners into gas chambers. They had a night to debate the morality of their situation and vote on whether they would fulfill the task or willfully be killed.
* 2018 Toronto Shorts International Film Festival- Winner ‘Best Drama’
* 2018 Yorkton Film Festival – Nominee ‘Golden Sheaf Award’
* 2018 Montreal Greek Film Festival – Official Selection

USA, 2018, 9 min, World Premiere

Director: Caryn Waechter
Writer: Meredith Littas
Producer: Meredith Littas, Janet Schmidt & Jonathan Biebl
Cast: Ana Grace Knight

In Escape, a moment triggers a memory which sets off a flood of memories all interconnected.
It is a true story about a woman who overcomes past trauma to reach empowerment. It depicts the cycle of abuse, and how the main character breaks free in order to save herself. You can be your own hero. Let the truth begin.

GO FOR BROKE (Ola Gia Ola)
Greece, 2017, 30 min, World Premiere

Director/Writer/Producer: Marinos Sklavounakis
Cast: Vassilis Bisbikis, Giannis Economides, Stathis Stamoulakatos, Theodoros Kandiliotis

Michalis is swamped in bank debt and during a desperate attempt to win the required amount – at a poker table, he ends up owing a loan shark. Andreas, Michalis’ friend, wants to help. His only solution, to place a bet…

Greece, 2017, 14 min, North American Premiere

Director/Writer: Yorgos Angelopoulos
Producer: Ioanna Soultani
Cast: Michael Ikonomou, Lissandros Kouroumbalis, Eva Angelopoulou

Seven-year-old Stratis loves fishes, dancing, and cooking. He’s not the strict, athletic boy that his conservative father wants him to be. His father is horrified when Stratis insists that his new goldfish is gay.
* 2017 Olympia I.F.F. – Best Short Film (Children’s Jury)
* 2018 BFI Flare

HEARTS FOR DINNER (Kardies gia fagoma)
Greece, 2017, 21 min, US Premiere

Director/Writer: Renee Koutoula
Producer: Maria Repousi
Cast: Ioanna Bakalakou, Despoina Papazoglou, Nikolas Lambrou

An Albanian immigrant lives in a Greek village with her husband. With her son away at college, she works as a domestic servant for her cousin. One day, she is assigned a task that proves to be more difficult than it would seem. The struggle forces her to redefine the values in her life.
* 2017 Athens International Film Festival
* 2017 Drama International Short Film Festival

Greece, 2017, 11 min, West Coast Premiere

Director/Writer: Jacqueline Lentzou
Producer: Jacqueline Lentzou, Vicky Miha
Cast: Melchor Lopez, Jerahmeel Zsara Lopez, Kirsten Tisha Luis, Jessafe Agsi

Jay wakes up in Manila, yet he dreamed of Athens. He has a nightmare with special quest: to save his two daughters from a special surgery: their houses are on them, and they need to be removed. He roams around Athens’ cityscape, seeing things under a very different light, while he narrates his dream to his wife.
* 2018 Minimalen Short Film Festival, Norway International – Raskin Spirit Festival Award
* 2017 Berlinale, Germany Short Film Competition
* 2017 Psarokokalo – Athens International Short Film Festival, Greece – Audience Award
* 2017 THESS International Short Film Festival Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece, 2017, 29 min, LA Premiere

Director/Writer/Producer: Steven Gekas
Cast: Pavlos Iordanopoulos, Iliana Mavromati, Kostas Xikominos

A man stuck in a boring life, lacking agency, develops a fascination with Humphrey Bogart, leading to a transformation into the renowned film noir actor’s persona.
* 2017 Five Continents International Film Festival – Best Comedy, Best Soundtrack
* 2017 Alternative Film Festival – Best Comedy
* 2017 Humphrey Bogart Film Festival
* 2017 Athens International Film Festival
* 2017 Drama Film Festival

Greece, 2018, 10 min, LA Premiere

Director/Writer/Producer: Eirini Vianelli
Cast: Josh Shaffner, Miranda Khan

Icebergs is an existential, dark comedy consisting of 14 short vignettes, ranging from the mundane to the absurd. It is based on the book “Scenes” by award-winning screenwriter Efthymis Filippou.
* 2018 Slamdance Film Festival
* 2018 Oberhausen Film Festival
* 2018 San Francisco Film Festival

KALINIXTA (Kalinixta)
Greece, 2017, 35 min, US Premiere

Director/Writer: Thanos Kermitsis
Producer: Varvara Kontoni, Christos Kyriakopoulos
Cast: George Triantafyllidis, Tasos Dedes, George Chouliaras,Natasa Exintaveloni

Greece is now fully in ruins. Everyone is trying to survive at any cost after the disaster—everyone but Kostas, who, along with his friend Tassos, is looking for Vicky. The only thing that keeps Kostas in his senses is his love for Vicky, and when Greeks are in love, survival comes second.
* 2018 Athens International Digital Film Festival – Honourable Mention
* 2017 Drama International Short Film Festival – Best Sets Award, “Motive” Award from the Greek Film Centre
* 2017 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (not screened) – Best Foreign Short
* 2017 Tisff- Thess International Short Film Festival – Cinematic Achievement Award
* 2017 Thessaloniki International Film Festival
* 2017 Athens International Film Festival

Greece, 2017, 19 min, West Coast Premiere

Director: Manolis Mavris
Writer: Manolis Mavris, Katerina Mavrogeorgi
Producer: Mando Stathi, Myrto Stathi, Manolis Kontarinis
Cast: Christos Stergioglou, Haris Fragoulis, Nikolitsa Ntrizi

The unexpected encounter of two strangers, and their agreement while waiting for a cab to share, becomes the motive for the anatomy of a relationship. From the moment they enter the taxi, the driver reveals that the two passengers know each other and they have a common past, leading the couple to new landscapes of desire.
* 2018 Tim Thorpe Independent Film Festival – Best Short Film – Best Director Short Nomination
* 2018 Vancouver International Women in Film Festival
* 2017 BFI London Film Festival London
* 2017 National Short Film Festival in Drama – Greek Society of Cinematographers Award, Best Original Score, Best Sound Design, Best Film Editing)
* 2017 Athens International Film Festival

Greece, 2018, 11 min, World Premiere

Director/Writer: Yiannis Georgioudakis
Producer: Michael Noble
Cast: Dimitris Pleionis, Olympia Vaggelatou

A man arrives in a big city with an address to track down. Without a smartphone, he asks anybody he can find for help. With so many people around him, surely there must be at least one person to talk to…

Greece, 2017, 16 min, U.S. Premiere

Director/Writer: Despoina Kourti
Producers: Hara Vlahou, Despoina Kourti
Cast: Fotini Baxevani, Ilias Moulas, Kostas Laskos

Ourania is a middle-aged woman who has neglected herself. However, the sudden appearance of an unknown young man may help her rediscover her lost feminine nature.
* 2018 30rd Dresden FilmFest International Short Film Festival
* 2017 40th Drama International Short Film Festival-Best Female Director, Actress in a Leading Role, Greek Film Center Award, Best Movie Award from the Greek Association of Film Critics.
* 2017 Athens International Film-Best Screenplay for A Short Film
* 2017 48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Greece, 2017, 13 min, US Premiere

Director/Writer: Katerina Yiannakopoulou
Producer: Manolis Kontarinis, Katerina Yiannakopoulou, ERT
Cast: Vasilis Koukalani, Dimitris Fragkioglou

Thanasis in the lighthouse and Rosalia in her cage. They live for their freedom.
* 2017 Drama Short Film Festival
* 2017 Athens International Film Festival

Greece-USA, 2017, 17 min, U.S. Premiere

Director/Writer/Producer: Mavra Peponi
Cast: Alexandra Sakellaropoulou

Ten days after the death of her partner, Athina arrives on the Greek island of Skyros to clear out the summer house where they lived together. On the day of her departure and into the night, Athina is still lingering on the porch in front of the empty house, by the edge of the sea.
* 2017 Drama International Short Film Festival
* 2017 Thessaloniki International Film Festival
* 2017 Athens International Film Festival
* 2017 International Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier
* 2017 Thess International Short Film Festival

United Kingdom, 2017, 11 min, US Premiere

Director: Abbie Lucas
Writer: Billie Vee
Producer: Billie Vee, Anna Davies, Abbie Lucas
Cast: Billie Vee, Cherise Silvestri

A woman is admitted to a private clinic under extremely awkward circumstances. When the need of a blood test arises, the horrific truth of her private life is revealed. Sometimes a glamourous façade can hide the worst abuse.
* 2017 Drama Film Festival – Greeks of the World
* 2018 British Urban Film
* 2018 Hamilton Film Festival
* 2018 Beeston Film Festival
* 2018 Fastnet Film Festival

THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT (H Metamesonyxtia Grammi)
Cyprus, 2015, 14 min, LA Premiere

Director/Writer/Producer: Andreas Kyriacou
Cast: Christodoulos Martas, Chris Greco, Yiola Klitou, Marios Ioannou

A man on the run takes cover as a taxi driver on the midnight shift. Soon he discovers that things are not what they seem when he picks up a mysterious figure as a client…
* 2017, Sarajevo Film Festival – HBO Award for Best Series Concept
* 2016, International Film Festival of Athens
* 2016, Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival – Silver Award Winner

THE ROOSTER’S CAGE (La Jaula del Gallo)
USA, 2017, 7 min, World Premiere

Director/Producer: Carina Rosanna Tautu

A cage can be one’s world or the world can be one’s cage. The intimate, human details of cockfighting events in Lamas, Peru, reveal the inhumanity of such an activity not by confrontation or critique, but by a slowly unfolding, compassionate and detached revelation.

THE TICKET (To Eisitirio)
Greece, 2017, 17 min, North American Premiere

Director/Writer: Haris Stathopoulos
Producer: Kyriakos Hatzimichailidis
Cast: Dimitra Syrou, Stefanos Mouagkie, Christos Kontogeorgis, Thanasis Chalkias, Elpida Nikolaou, Antonis Stamos

We follow the course of a ticket for public transportation as it passes from hand to hand. Each person that holds the ticket carries his own story and a social problem as well. This reflects a social recording of the Greek crisis.
* 2018 Athens International Digital Film Festival – Best Director Award and Best Female Lead Award
* 2018 20th Ismailia International Film Festival – Best Film Award
* 2017 Drama Short Film Festival – Best Sound and Best Film by the Organization of Greek Cinema Clubs
* 2017 Athens International Film Festival

WOMEN OF GREEK CINEMA as seen by FLIX.GR (Oi Gynaikes tou Hellinikou Cinema opos tis Eide to Flix.gr)
Greece, 2017, 19 min, North American Premiere

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Nikos Pastras
Producer: Flix.gr
Interviews: Poly Lykourgou, Manolis Kranakis
Sound: Nikos Exarchos
Cast: Marli Aleiferi, Eleni Alexandraki, Antouanetta Angelidi, Rea Apostolides, Themis Bazaka, Iro Bezou, Helena Charbila, Fenia Cossovitsa, Maria Drandaki, Sofia Exarchou, Markella Giannatou, Maria Hatzakou, Maria Kallimani, Kora Karvouni, Sofia Kokkali, Valerie Kontakos, Eleni Kossyfidou, Konstantina Kotzamani, Jacqueline Lentzou, Amanda Livanou, Margarita Manda, Dora Masklavanou, Christina Moumouri, Olympia Mytilinaiou, Eva Nathena, Penny Panayotopoulou, Kallia Papadaki, Elina Psykou, Marilena Orfanou, Vasileia Rozana, Eva Stefani, Stella Theodoraki, Elli Tringou, Athina Rachel Tsangari, Pinelopi Tsilika, Phaedra Vokali

Being a woman professional in Greek cinema, what does it mean nowadays? Does sexism exist? Is the field, also in Greece, male dominated? What kinds of problems are women faced with? Are female characters real enough, complicated enough, smart enough? What kind of stories do women want to share with the world? How do they hope to see heroines on the big screen?
* 2018 “Flix it at Stegi” monthly screenings, in collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Foundation