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2016 Orpheus Team


Yorgos Karamihos is an actor, director and acting teacher, born and raised in Greece. He graduated from the Ionian University and The Greek National Theatre Academy. As an actor he held lead roles in more than 40 theatre plays including ancient Greek dramas, Shakespeare, A. Checkov, T. Williams, and F. Vendekind, and was awarded as the best stage actor in Greece in 2008. He has also appeared in over 30 feature films and 15 TV series. His last performances include a regular series part in The Durrells, supporting parts inNCIS, and the remake of the film Ben Hur. He has directed more than 15 theatre plays in several major venues and has been teaching for the last 15 years in Acting schools and healing centers throughout Greece, England, and the Stella Adler Acting Academy, Los Angeles. He is also known for supporting several charitable institutions.


Dorothea is a Los Angeles based producer with an MFA degree from USC’s Peter Stark Producing Program. Born and raised in Athens, Greece and also having lived in London, England, Dorothea has gained great perspective working in both countries on feature and short films. For the past six years, Dorothea has worked in all aspects of film production with some of Hollywood’s most prestigious names. For three years she served as the assistant to the Chairman & CEO of 20th Century Fox, Jim Gianopulos, and shortly after, the creative department for producer/director Bob Shaye. Dorothea has also been able to pursue her own passions, and in 2014 produced her first feature film, Worlds Apart, starring J.K. Simmons. For the past two years, Dorothea had served as Director of Development for the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival and Balkan Center, as well as the Producer of the prestigious Orpheus Awards.

ALEXIS COHEN – Music Composer/Lighting & Sound Supervisor

Alexis Cohen is a Greek-American multidisciplinary artist currently residing in Los Angeles. His music is inspired by traditional and contemporary styles from around the world, combining Greek, Ambient, and Progressive sounds. In Greece, he formed The Skaribas, The Trouboska Band and The Puzzle and has also performed with Manolis Rasoulis, Yiorgos Michail and Nikos Halvatzis. He studied Classical guitar at the Piraeus Society Conservatory in Athens and received a Master of Science in Music Technology and Electronics from the University of York in England. Other interests include live sound mixing and engineering, lighting design, and photography.


Assistant Director: Karolin Sallum
Production Coordinators: Maria Filindras and Sophia Thomopoulou
Video Editors: Taylor Gianotas, Jake Trokey, Vanja Srdic
Technical Supervisor: Vanja Srdic