IPDF Selected Projects 2014

Film Representative: Christos Massalas (Writer/Director)
Logline: Nelly and Barbara are street performers; Rudolph and Mohammad are petty thieves. The four of them collaborate, blending the art of dance with the art of pickpocketing. They live off petty thefts and have found refuge in “Broadway”, an abandoned entertainment arcade in Athens. In the confines of “Broadway” they have created their own utopia. But everything changes, when Markos, the original leader of the gang, returns from prison.

Film Representative: Rinio Dragassaki (Director/ Co-Writer)
Logline: Imagine opening your door in the middle of the night to find a strange little girl asking for your help to find her father. This happened to 35year-old Anna last night…
Now imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find your father is gone. This happened to 10-year-old Persa last night…

Film Representative: Marios Piperides (Producer/ Writer/ Director)
Logline: In the midst of financial crisis, in the last divided capital in Europe, this is a story about a Greek, a Turk, and a dog who got stuck on the other side.

Film Representative: Natassa Xydi (Writer/ Director)
Logline: When Sonia’s life changes overnight, she reinvents a new identity and escapes into the skies. But the problems remain down on earth waiting to be dealt with.

Film Representatives: Timothy Brice (Writer/ Producer) / Viorel Sergovici (DP/ Producer)/ Roberto Eugen Popa (Writer/ Director)
Logline: After being apprehended for the only known heist behind the Iron Curtain, in which an unprecedented $2 million dollars are stolen, four Romanian Communist Party members accept an opportunity to earn a reduced sentence by starring in a state-produced propaganda film that reconstructs the heist. Based on a True Story.

Film Representative: Elina Psykou (Writer/ Director)
Logline: Once upon a time, there was a boy with no father, a man without a son and a country that welcomed foreigners. All they wanted was to be loved.