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Paid positions available

The LAGFF Team is reaching out to capable professionals who’d like to participate in the production of the 16th edition as independent contractors. Develop your talents and hone in on your skill set while you earn a stipend. We are looking for:

DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR – a three-month  (April-May-June) part-time engagement that requires good organizational, interpersonal and writing skills, as well as attention to detail. This professional will work closely with the development team and will be responsible for implementing the individual sponsorship packets/agreements as well as act as the point person for our donors.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER – a four-month (March-April-May-June) part-time engagement that requires excellent digital skills and a good sense of marketing. Some knowledge of Greek Cinema is preferable but not required. This key professional will oversee/coordinate and contribute to all digital applications, and will be working with the publicity, programming and industry departments.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER – a part-time engagement from January to May. We are looking for a talented graphic artist who will create this year’s poster art, newsletter banner and other artistic elements, including the lay-out of the program books (2), and a sponsorship packet.

TEXT/PROGRAM BOOK EDITOR – A part-time 2-month engagement for a professional with excellent writing and editing skills. This professional will edit text included in our website, social media platforms as well as the program books (2).

If you are interested in becoming a member of the LAGFF Family and in filling any of the above positions, contact Ari at ariskat@lagreekfilmfestival.org and Dimitra at dimitra@lagreekfilmfestival.org.